What is Tribetan

Tribetan’s mission is to transform the world by unleashing the power of imagination within all 7 billion of us. Our goal is that the entrepreneurial skill set of turning imagination into reality is as well known as reading, writing and math.

We didn’t all learn to read and write to become best selling authors, right? Entrepreneurial skills like persuasive storytelling, collaboration, endurance and cultivated optimism are critical for future success -the way literacy was generations ago. These skills are useful in business: like closing that big sale, raising money or innovating products; as well as life in general, like being the first in your family to get a college degree.

Tribetan believes that in a world where all people know how to turn their imagination into reality, you will see more successful founders, salespeople, executives, managers and students; as well as, increased innovation in every sector of society, from education to art to science to medicine to business to politics. How? Because the new way, different way and better way always starts in the imagination. And the Tribetan Method teaches everyone how to make their imagination real.

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