Let’s Reimagine Everything

The better way exists right now in someone’s imagination. The Tribetan Method teaches everyone how to make that imagination real. Our core curriculum includes persuasive storytelling, high impact collaboration, cultivated endurance and much more. The outcomes translate to success in business, school and life.

Countries, organizations, schools and individuals have used the Tribetan Method to close sales, get new jobs, start companies, launch projects, inform policy, mediate disputes, innovate mental health, acquire companies and generally teach their team how to be more innovative.

Tribetan has impacted more than 25,000 live, 1 million+ via broadcast, and 150+ countries; including the Creative Business Cup, KPMG UK, Yale University, the European Parliament, the US Patent and Trademark Office, Bishop McNamara High School, the Italian Parliament, University of South Carolina, Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Georgetown Law School and many more. Ultimately our goal is that the science of turning imagination into reality, innovation and entrepreneurship is as well known as reading, writing and math.

We are all Creators