The Power of We

“You are a Billionaire, with the Power of the We.”
-Tiffany Norwood

The Power of We module makes the case for collaboration and storytelling as primary tools of success. This module introduces the currency of faith and connection and how winning in business and in life, is done with the support of other people. Below, you can watch The Power of We  performed at the Newseum to learn more about the currency of faith and why we are all billionaires.

Learning Objectives and OutcomesSlide01.jpg

  • Understanding why success is a human science
  • Recognizing that best chance of winning is through collaboration
  • Introducing the concept of currency of faith and connection
  • Understanding the role of a supporter and its importance
  • Recognizing the importance of storytelling in attracting partners, funding, people and resources
  • Understanding the trade-off between confidentiality and collaboration

Keynotes, Workshops and More!

The Power of We, like most Tribetan modules, can be experienced as a keynote or as a longer workshop. In both cases it is interactive, oriented towards core skill building and inspirational. Below are some examples of how Tribetan modules have been used:

  • 60 minute keynote that included a thirty minute speech and thirty minutes for Q&A. Audience of 1000+ for an executive leadership summit
  • 3 hour interactive workshop for a group of 40 leaders
  • 20 minute keynote for a live audience of 200+ industry luminaries and a broadcast/livestreaming audience of 1,000,000+
  • 2 hour founders lunch including an opening keynote, lunch discussion and then a closing performance for 10 Founders and CEOs
  • 60 minute keynote that included a fifteen minute speech and thirty minutes for Q&A. Audience of 900+ high school students

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