Persuasive Storytelling for Leaders

Persuasive Storytelling is a deep dive into persuasive storytelling to inspire people, investors, customers and others to act. Detailing the universal languages of connection, core story elements and feedback loops; this module shows the participant how to craft an influential narrative. Learning objectives and outcomes include:


  • Mastering the 3 universal languages of influence
  • Establishing tools and metrics to determine storytelling performance and effectiveness
  • Understanding what’s important to track when storytelling for sales and funding and why.
  • Upgraded story that is focused on being a persuasive narrative
  • Establishing when and where to tell the story

Keynotes, Workshops and More!

Storytelling for Influence and Persuasion, like most Tribetan modules, can be experienced as a keynote or as a longer workshop. In both cases it is interactive, oriented towards core skill building and inspirational. Below are some examples of how Tribetan modules have been used:

  • 60 minute keynote that included a thirty minute speech and thirty minutes for Q&A. Audience of 1000+ for an executive leadership summit
  • 3 hour interactive workshop for a group of 40 leaders
  • 20 minute keynote for a live audience of 200+ industry luminaries and a broadcast/livestreaming audience of 1,000,000+
  • 2 hour founders lunch including an opening keynote, lunch discussion and then a closing performance for 10 Founders and CEOs
  • 60 minute keynote that included a fifteen minute speech and thirty minutes for Q&A. Audience of 900+ high school students
  • Consulting session reviewing a personal or corporate narrative and giving feedback and comments
  • Coaching session to help create an initial draft of a personal or corporate narrative

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