02 Tell Your Story to Everyone

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

-Steve Jobs

Storytelling is a key part of making your dreams come true. Why? Because you will need others to connect with your dream, or you, or ideally both, to achieve your dream. The source of the connection is the story. That is all you truly have in the beginning, it gives clarity to the destination you are moving towards and acts as a beacon for your believers.

It is a story to tell from a place of faith, not a pitch. It is the story of your dream, the masterpiece you see in your mind. The masterpiece that you imagine, brought to life. The plot of the story is the successful future of your dream. Not what can go wrong, but what could go right.

Ultimately the story should cover the Why. Why you are pursuing the dream, Why it is important to others. Don’t try to get into the How in your core story. The How will come from collaborating with your future tribe of believers. To be most impactful you need to go human or go home. The goal is to trigger a connection with another human being, who has a natural interest in that future you imagine so that they will be inspired to help you as a believer.

To maximize the potential for connection, you will need to use the three main universal languages of influence and connection: conviction, objectivity and grace.

∼Conviction: in words and delivery, shows that it is important to you

∼Objectivity: demonstrates that it is tangibly rooted in the present and has possibility for the future, and finally

∼Grace: this is how it will be of service to others, either customers or a community, and effectively establishes a market for your dream

This is a framework, not a template. As a framework you have room for being authentically yourself. Which is important because you can’t invoke conviction without being authentic.

There are also three audiences you will tell your story to: yourself, the Universe and everyone else in the world; including that woman in line at the grocery store and the man sitting next to you on the train. But really, in my experience, only the first two matter. This mindset however, requires extreme faith. So for the moment, let’s focus on the audience of you + 7 billion.

About Tribetan

Tribetan was founded by Tiffany Norwood a successful serial entrepreneur, global thought leader and a patented inventor. Ms. Norwood is one of the pioneers of digital satellite radio; as part of the start-up team of WorldSpace/XM Radio; as well as, an early collaborator in MPEG technology, later to be known as MP3 and MP4. She personally raised nearly a billion dollars in her 20s to fund this new global communication platform.

She recognized that most frameworks related to entrepreneurship, like lean canvas and agile development, were for the product or the company. What was missing was something for the person, the entrepreneur themself. Our Tribetan framework; a step-by-step algorithm for turning imagination into reality for any person trying to manifest an idea, was captured and codified based on her 30 year history of startups.

The market realized the framework’s value, and our audiences came to us. We have now reached more than 9,000 people live, 150+ countries  and over one million people through broadcast. All through word of mouth. Venues have included NYU, the Italian Parliament, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Creative Business Cup, USOW, the Mexican Embassy, KMPG UK, Forte, and many others. Organizations working with Tribetan have included accelerators, incubators, universities, companies and others; with an interest in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, imagination, innovation, startups, the skills of successful entrepreneurs, global entrepreneurship and leadership success.

To learn more about our framework, we have included many resources on this website and will be adding even more in the future. If you are interested in speeches, lectures, workshops or collaborating, please contact collaborate@tribetan.com.

-The Tribetan Team

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