The ROI of Faith

“Do Something, Do Anything, Do Faith”
-Tiffany Norwood

The Return on Investment of Faith
The ROI of Faith keynote and workshop show how we can leverage the currency of faith
and connection to make our imagination real. This module teaches all seven steps of The Tribetan Method, as well as illustrates a variety of applications of the framework through case studies and use cases.

View the debut performance of The ROI of Faith in Athens, Greece during the opening ceremony of Global Entrepreneurship Week below.

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You Are a Billionaire
Spiritual belief is optional. What is required however, is the belief that one or two of the 2019 0604 PHOTOCARD copy.jpgother seven billion people in the world will come forward to help you realize your dream. The foundation of the framework is based on the innate connection that exists between all of us and the higher chances of success that results from collaboration. You can also watch The Power of We performance at the Newsum to learn more about the currency of faith and why we are all billionaires.

Learning Objectives
In this module you not only learn the Tribetan Method, but also examine a number of use cases ranging from launching businesses, to raising money, to getting into college, to making the varsity team and even climbing Mt Etna. Ultimately this module shows how to unlock the creative power of faith and connection for achieving success.
– Understanding the concept of primary skills and why success is a human science
– Learning the concepts of the currency of faith and connection
– Understanding the core beliefs required to be an effective innovator
– Appreciating the role and importance of imagination
– Understanding the role of a supporter and its importance
– Recognizing the importance of storytelling in attracting funding and resources
– Learning the 3 universal languages of influence and persuasion
– Understanding the trade-off between confidentiality and collaboration
– Learning how to cultivate hope, determination and endurance

Learning Outcomes
+ having a clearly captured dream or goal; based on purpose and impact
+ a first story of that dream to start telling others
+ a mindmap of your desired ecosystem including roles, tribe and prospects; with a special emphasis initially on finding a supporter and if possible a co-creator
+ a draft morning routine for cultivating daily hope and endurance
+ a list of custom tools to reinforce optimism and implementation of one or more of them

The ROI of Faith shows us how operating from a place of faith in others, instead of our normal fears, we can extend beyond the limitations of our own personal skills or resources in the achievement of a big goal. The practice can be hard because we have to believe in something we can not see or touch; but faith is not about it being easy, it is about a dream being possible and a goal being doable.

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