The Kindness Of Strangers

At Tribetan, we recognize upfront that we can’t do it alone. The first element of the Tribetan Method focuses on the 01 Core Beliefs required for the Tribetan Method to work. Namely (1) that we are all connected in this world and (2) that other people will help you.  That’s it, just those two requirements to get started. 

You would think that would be good news (and it is), but immediately people begin to question, “how are we all connected,” “who will show up,” “why will they help,” and “do I have to believe in God.” The good news is that skepticism is OK. The key thing is to just for this particular experience believe that we are connected and that other people, yes even strangers, will show up to help along the way. Spiritual belief is optional.

If you look back on your own life, you will see that you have already had many instances of feeling overwhelmed and someone showing up to help out, investing time, pointing the way, or giving you just the advice you need to get the job done. When you have a moment, write down a story of when a stranger helped you when you needed it most. Then write a simple thank you to that person, and if you are able, send it to them. Approach your goals and dreams, trusting that you will not have to do it alone, believing that people will show up again. And with this faith, demonstrate your proactive gratitude by being of service today to help others achieve theirs.