The Tribetan Black List

At Tribetan we believe that ownership is a major part of transforming the black experience in the world today. Remember Black Wall Street and Black Wall Street Homecoming. We want more of that. In our dedication to those who came before us in Oklahoma, Durham and many other places around the world, we are launching The Tribetan Black List.

The Tribetan Black List is a compilation of black-owned businesses and startups that we would like to spotlight and ask our tribe around the world to shop.

We encourage everyone to raise their hands, their wallets and their voices to shout BLACK LIVES MATTER!

As a first step please Buy Black starting June 19th until July 6th (and beyond) as part of the My Black Receipt (MBR) campaign. Share your commitment to equality through equity by uploading your receipts of purchases from black owned businesses to Tribetan Founder, Tiffany Norwood is proud to be an MBR advisor and wishes the MBR collective great success in reaching its goal of $5 million in purchases.

Need inspiration as to where to shop? Check out The Tribetan Black List below, including STEM games, cupcakes, and even wearable tech.


Congratulations to StemLingo, TheraV, KweliTV and MyGrandmaBakedACookie and a Nashville favorite Germantown Pub, for being the first additions to our list. Big shout out to founders Aisha Bowe, Amira Idric Radovic, DeShuna Spencer, Nicole Cramer and Naima Walker for their hard work, genius and equity! We encourage our community to shop these and other black owned businesses from June 19th to July 4th and beyond.

Please use this form if you would like to be considered for the Tribetan Black List. We will be constantly updating and adding to the list throughout the year.

The Tribetan Black List