The Tribetan Product Catalog

Below is a list of the Tribetan products, content, technology, and features referenced in your proposal. If you would like to discuss other Tribetan products and experiences such as The Human Science of Success, The ROI of Faith, Exposure Therapy, or others, please contact us.


Tribetan Products

The Power
of We
The Power of We is a keynote focused on success through unity, the importance of imagination, and activating innovation with storytelling. Typically runs 15-20 minutes
Hermione RisingHermione Rising is a poem dedicated to Hermione Granger of Harry Potter. Hermione Rising highlights the connection between innovation and imagination and the magic inside of all of us.  It is immensely popular with both adults and children.
Human Science of InnovationThe Human Science of Innovation is a keynote focused on the basic mindsets and skillsets of the innovator. It covers the importance of imagination, persuasive storytelling, overcoming resistance, the need for practice, and more. For a more immersive experience see Innovation x Tribetan Immersive Experience below.
Persuasive StorytellingPersuasive Storytelling is a keynote focused on the basics of using narrative to create outcomes, e.g., raising money, closing sales, attracting talents, etc. This keynote includes the universal languages of influence, how to structure your story, where and when to tell your story, balanced content, and more. For a more immersive experience see Persuasive Storytelling for Leaders below.
Audience EngagementAudience engagement is a time for the audience to share insights and ask questions. Collaborative thinking is an essential part of all Tribetan experiences.
MSISMSIS is a mindset simulator that your audience does at home three to five days before your live event. It uses content and various exercises in self-awareness to stimulate the audience’s imagination and get them excited about the upcoming live event.
Tribetan Studios PlatformSay goodbye to awkward screen shares. The Tribetan Studios platform enables a fully immersive virtual and hybrid experience for your audience. Our platform makes transitions seamless and is fully integrated with Zoom. No additional software is needed. With the Tribetan Studios Platform, the audience experience becomes more like watching TV with the speakers and audience as part of the show. The Tribetan Studios platform also enables other Tribetan products such as The Waiting Room, animations, videos, and music to be added to your event.
The Tribetan Digital Waiting Room is a collection of music, animations, and photos that play on loop as your audience joins Zoom and waits for the experience to begin.
Tribetan Opening SequenceThe Tribetan Opening Sequence kicks off the experience and activates your audience by generating excitement and curiosity. Like a movie’s opening scene, our opening sequences use video, music, animation, and special effects. Basic personalization is included, e.g., your company name, event title, and date.
Tribetan Closing SequenceVery similar to the closing credits of a movie, The Tribetan Closing Sequence anchors the experience with your audience and makes it unforgettable. It includes video, animations, music, and bloopers. Like The Tribetan Opening Sequence, basic personalization is included.
Digital Notebook
The Tribetan Digital Notebook is a tool used during the live experience to capture thoughts and ideas by the audience. It is also used to keep them focused on the event. The notebook is structured according to the structure of the content of the event. After the live event, the audience receives their notes. 
Mini Practicum
The Tribetan Mini Practicum is an optional practice of what was learned in the live experience applied to the real world. This is typically offered as an Add-On
Innovation x Tribetan Immersive ExperienceInnovation x Tribetan is a seven-act immersive experience based on the seven segments of The Tribetan Method. These segments include: 
-01 Core Beliefs and Mindset
-02 Your Imagination 
-03 Tell Your Story 
-04 Attract Your Tribe 
-05 Collaborate 
-06 Maintain Faith (Endurance) 
-07 Practice Rehearse Experiment Try
Persuasive Storytelling
Immersive Experience
Persuasive Storytelling for Leaders is an immersive experience based on Tribetan’s unique persuasive storytelling framework. Persuasive storytelling is the act of using narrative to generate outcomes: sign a contract, invest in your company, approve a project, etc. Similar to the Innovation x Tribetan Immersive Experience, Persuasive Storytelling for Leaders is organized into multiple acts and can be customized with guest content and guest speakers. The segments include:
-01 The Storyteller
-02 The Audience 
-03 The Content 
-04 The Structure 
-05 The Process
-06 The Mindset
-07 The Practice
Hybrid or
Since 2018, all of our experiences were designed and deployed as hybrid experiences, with both a live audience and remote locations. We can create a unique experience based on your requirements. Currently, all of our quotes are for virtual live events.