The MSIS Mindset Simulator

Innovation starts with mindset and so does the Tribetan experience. One of the first responses to innovation and transformation is resistance. Innovation Diffusion Curve Theory estimates that only 2.5% of the general population are natural innovators that are comfortable with disruption of the status quo. Enter MSIS. MSIS is a mindset simulator that stimulates the imagination and activates the user to be open to new ideas and approaches.

MSIS stands for Mindset Simulator Imagination Stimulator. It is a collection of content and exercises that force the user to see themselves and their abilities differently. The exercises are structured in a way to trigger expansive thinking and deep work around a single opportunity or challenge. In the standard MSIS experience the user can explore a single goal or idea of their choice. In the customized version of MSIS an organization might choose a custom challenge for everyone to individually explore and start to develop ideas and solutions that are reviewed in the live experience e.g. “Create the Ideal  Future Workplace?” or “Corporate Opportunities in the Virtual World”

MSIS typically takes 60-90 minutes to complete. The user does it alone in a quiet place. They are asked to do it in one session. It can not be started and stopped. MSIS is used in conjunction with a live session that then debriefs on MSIS and typically discusses some aspect of innovation e.g. the innovator mindset, persuasive storytelling, practical creativity, etc. The user does MSIS no more than 1-3 days before the live experience.

The MSIS experience is currently delivered using a protected Google form, to make it universally accessible to all organizations. Tribetan uses Google forms to make it clear that the innovation and innovator mindset is primarily about human imagination, not technology. In using simple technology like web based forms it makes it clear to the user that their mindset is the primary ingredient to a successful innovation program.