How Tribetan Helps Organizations

At Tribetan, we are in the business of Practical Creativity. We teach everyone the innovator’s mindset and skillset for success in business, school and life. The Tribetan Method, our framework for turning imagination into reality, is taught through storytelling, keynote performances, animations, video, and music. We have a catalog of content that has been tested with audiences of all ages around the world. Our packaged shows and experiences can be used as a vehicle to achieve your corporate objectives and goals.

The Tribetan content has been shared worldwide, including at the Yale University Tsai Center of Innovation, the Creative Business Cup in Denmark, the US Patent & Trademark Office, Global Entrepreneurship Week, the European Parliament, Cornell University, The Global School of Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, Georgetown Law School, and more. All in all, Tribetan has reached more than 40,000+ live, 1,000,000+ via livestreaming, spanning 150 countries, and translated into a variety of languages. Our content is cool, engaging, and fun. Check out the Customer Testimonials in your private portal to see what our partners say about working with Tribetan.  We can tell you with verified confidence that our content and platform are unique, and that your audience will love it. You and your organization will shine.

Tribetan has worked with organizations around the world to teach practical creativity and the innovator’s mindset. Often a Tribetan experience will act as the opening act to a corporate innovation or transformation program. All of our content is modular and can be responsive to the objectives and desired outcomes of the organization to their clients. Each module teaches a particular mindset or skillset, e.g. persuasive storytelling, bias towards action, endurance, etc. We use these modules to build a targeted experience playlist based on their goals and objectives. Which modules are chosen for this playlist depends on the organization’s goals. How many modules are included in the playlist depends on the time available for the event. Each experience includes audience engagement.