The Power of We

“You are a Billionaire, with the Power of the We.” -Tiffany Norwood The Power of We module makes the case for collaboration and storytelling as primary tools of success. This module introduces the currency of faith and connection… Read More

Storytelling for Influence

Storytelling for Influence and Persuasion is a deep dive into persuasive storytelling to inspire people, investors, customers and others to act. Detailing the universal languages of connection, core story elements and feedback loops; this module shows the participant… Read More

The Tribetan Method

The Tribetan Method module teaches the science of turning imagination into reality. A great primer on how to be entrepreneurial and innovative. This module provides the primary and foundational skills for making imagination real; and makes a strong… Read More

Pop Up Tech Museum

Tribetan’s Pop-Up Tech Museum is a collection of technologies, gadgets and other favorites of Tribetan’s Founder and CEO, Tiffany Norwood. From her personal collection, curated over the past 40 years the Tech Museum includes both items she help… Read More