a universal framework for entrepreneurs, innovators, and makers

a universal framework for entrepreneurs, innovators, and makers

About Tribetan

Tribetan’s passion is  hacking the power of faith, connection and collaboration; to support entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, creatives, athletes and students, around the world in realizing their big dreams.

At Tribetan’s core is The ROI of Faith, a practice based framework that unlocks the creative force of faith in achieving success. Spiritual belief is optional. What is required, however, is your belief that one or two of the other seven billion people in the world will come forward and help you realize your dream.


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Learn the ROI Framework

Universal in application, the ROI of Faith framework is for dreams big or small; personal or professional, including- launching the new company or product; raising a Series A; closing that big deal, winning the big game, making a career, change, getting into your college of first choice and everything else.


Tribetan offers a series of talks, workshops and a pop-up tech museum experience; to teach the framework in more detail and for application to achieve specific goals for the users. Please contact collaborate@tribetan.com for more information.


The FUTURE– The ultimate vision for Tribetan is the development of a collaborative intelligence platform, enabling millions of minds to simultaneously create, invent, innovate and problem solve…as one.


Recent Highlights

Tribetan is currently focused on sharing the ROI framework with the global entrepreneurship community. Recent highlights include speeches, workshops, lectures, judging at

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